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Inner soul mind is a multi-purpose website . We Offer you our services in an easy way to you to improve effectively your life style in a positive way through our distant self study courses system, online lectures , online life consulting and coaching , and our latest light self therapy devices store . In addition to our free online library that full of selective helpful material to boost your own knowledge in a varied holistic and energy fields

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Founder Section :


Essam Bayoumi

Mr. Essam a Psychologist , Graduated from Arab Beirut University ( A.B.U ), Psychology Department .



Certified Professional Instructor (TOT) from ICNLP

Its a science of making teachers and trainers through teaching the person how to reach the level of psychological balance and ethics , and how to present and express things effectively , and  how to communicate successfully with attendees with all different group of ages , and how to construct learning scientific and practical curriculums and manuals , and how to construct quizzes and evaluation analysis … which make him to be a teacher , lecturer , or trainer and to work individually or in a group in a private sessions , work shops , or lectures and events

Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer from ABNLP

– hypnosis is a science that affects you positively ( physical – psychological – thoughts – spiritual ) . It aims to let you activate all your capabilities to harmonize between you , others , and external environment flexibly positively and to get deeply inside yourself by deep relaxation . Its suitable for all situations and all group of ages

Certified Lateral Thinking CORT Trainer

CORT is the science of methodical thinking . It supplies you with all the tools that help you to think correctly to reach higher consciousness level to be capable of organizing , planning , and dealing with complex brain operations as problem solving .

Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is the study of Characters’ and behavioural Patterns , and thinking and communication strategies in varied fields as well as reviewing and improving all your beliefs and thoughts

Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy (TLT)

Timeline therapy aims to treat all negative past experiences and to deal with the present in the best way and to plan accurately the future

Diploma in : Self Balance System

It works on balancing your varied life fields ( physical – psychological – thoughts – spiritual) and getting your wisdom , real self-centralizing , and the real meaning of your life

Diploma in : Life Coaching

It works on getting peace and stability between you and yourself and the others and to match your capabilities with most suitable career for you and to solve your daily problems

Diploma in : Family Consulting & Coaching

It teaches men and women psychological nature . It works on solving problems , defining each person’s role in the family , guiding relationship before and after marriage , and growing up their children

REIKI Master Healer

Science of healing energy of the universe , It teaches the ways to relax and to breath correctly , It also increases our senses and consciousness , as well as it contains techniques to be discipline and regulate our interaction with new places , people , and surrounding environment

Reflexology Practitioner

It aims to relax and activate internal organs of the human body through the energy meridians in which the energy gather

Also , An experienced Practitioner in bio-technology devices … Ajna Light (LSTD) , Light Mandalas, and Bio-resonance (Specialized in Core inergetix)

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Friends Section :


Mr. Guy Harriman the Founder of ( AjnaLightDevice & LannayogaCenter )

Official Website : – www.Lannayoga.com – – www.ajnalight.com

Facebook Link : goo.gl/zb1OuV


A group of scientists who founded this Light Mandalas system

Official Website : www.light-mandalas.com

Facebook Link : goo.gl/l9uNpu


Dr. Antar Soliman the Founder of (  International Center Of  NLP _ ICNLP

Official Website : icnlp.us

Facebook Link : goo.gl/P6v7rN